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I’m happy to be offering my empowering workshop, The Healing Mind, once again at the beautiful 1440 Multiversity conference center on May 1- 3, 2020. They have a beautiful, relaxing setting among the redwoods of Northern California and really terrific, healthy, delicious food. I’ll teach you how and why the mind/body connection is so powerful in health and healing, and guide you through the four essential mind/body skills I teach every day to people working towards better health.
You’ll come away refreshed and feeling more confident about using your mind to help your body heal more quickly.

The Healing Mind

Calming the Mind and Healing the Body Through Guided Imagery

Our imaginations have the power to create or destroy our peace of mind and the ability to foster healing in our bodies.

Join renowned mind-body healing expert and integrative physician Martin Rossman, MD, for an empowering workshop on how to use your imagination to reduce worry, relieve stress, listen to your inner wisdom, and help your body move towards better health and healing.

Through lecture and experiential exercises, you will:

  • Explore imagination as the key to stress relief, lifestyle change, and mind/-body healing
  • Understand why and how to reduce your stress by half—or more!
  • Discover the easiest ways to quickly relax your body and mind
  • Learn how to identify and break a “bad worry” habit and to create effective personal images for healing
  • Study with one of the world’s leading teachers of mind-body medicine
  • Experience listening to your symptoms as the key to healing, and connect with your inner healing guidance system

You’ll go home feeling more connected and empowered, knowing how to supercharge a healing action plan using your imagination to relax your body— leading to a more positive outlook on life and greater health and resilience.

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